Video: Cool kids officially open new MK ice rink

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The newest addition to The Food Centre in Central Milton Keynes is officially open, and unless you count the ice in your fridge, it has nothing to do with food.

Despite a ‘soft launch’ a few weeks ago, the ribbon was officially cut at the MKIce-operated rink by city Mayor Brian White on Monday.

Youngsters from Milton Keynes Preparatory School took nervous steps on the ice, while professional skaters from the MK-based International School of Skating showed them what can be done with a little practice.

MKIce director David Carmichael said: “The rink is to be run on a not-for-profit basis with everything going back into ice sports.

“We want to help keep these ice sports alive in Milton Keynes whilst the main rink is being refurbished.”

Former Olympic skate instructor Yuri Bureiko, from the International School of Skating, agrees with David.

He said: “It is absolutely essential to have this rink while the old ice rink in the Leisure Plaza is being refurbished.

“All the kids at the school are at a high level, they compete at national and international competitions with some practising several times a day.”

And for the rest of us with two left feet on the ice?

According to one youngster taking her first steps: “It’s just good fun sliding around on the ice!”

The rink is expected to be open in the old Waitrose site every day for the next year, for more information head over to