VIDEO: Feline hungry? Prankster couple go viral with cat food pie trick

Reuben Fiander, 32 and  Rebekah Eldridge, 23. Rebekah tricked Reuben into eating cat food in a pie as a prank. Photo: SWNS
Reuben Fiander, 32 and Rebekah Eldridge, 23. Rebekah tricked Reuben into eating cat food in a pie as a prank. Photo: SWNS

This is the hilarious moment a woman pranked her boyfriend by stuffing his meat pie with cat food.

The video shows Reuben Fiander, 32, getting the fright of his life when he discovers that the chicken and mushroom pie he thought he was eating was in fact filled with tinned ‘chunks in gravy’.

At the start of the footage, girlfriend Rebekah Eldridge, 23, explains: “So Reuben’s popped out to replace a memory card because he bought the wrong one for our new Go Pro camera. So I’m in a charge of dinner.

“We’re having pie tonight - I will be having chicken and mushroom pie and Reuben thinks he’s having steak and onion pie. But instead I’m going to replace the ingredients in his pie with cat food so he’ll be having beef in gravy. Let’s try and give this a go.”

In the entertaining clip, shot at Rebekah’s home in Milton Keynes, Reuben begins tucking into his dinner of pie and chips, but quickly realises something is wrong, much to the amusement of the mischievous cook.

Standing up to retch, the 32-year-old angrily yells: “It’s disgusting. What have you done to that?”

After hearing what his girlfriend has done, he says: “Why would you put cat food in my pie? What is wrong with you? I’m not eating here any more.

“Look at the size of my bite. That’s horrible.”

After posting the video online, his partner Rebekah said: “Reuben was not impressed.”

The clip has racked up more than 23,000 views on social media.

The couple have been going out for two years, and began filming regular pranks on each other last March, which they publish on their joint Facebook page Reubekah Vidz.

Reuben said: “There have been quite a few pranks. Last March we just started posting videos of them for friends and family. At one point over summer we were doing one every day.

“This was probably the worst one in the sense that it was just foul. I’ve never tasted anything like it. It was disgusting.”

But this was not the first time Rebekah has tampered with her boyfriend’s food.

Reuben said: “Rebekah is known for her cheesecakes. I once went over there and she’d made one and told me my mum had helped with it. I even called my mum to check and she said she had.

“It turns out they’d paired up together and put chillies in it! She’s quite sneaky with food. I love my food so she knows how to get me.”

But the 32-year-old regularly gets his own back on his girlfriend, from leaving her ‘ketchup bombs’ to pretending he’s smashed the TV.

He said: “She’s really jumpy and she falls asleep quite a lot. I once tricked her into thinking I’d smashed the TV. I thought I might have taken it too far that time - she went absolutely berserk.”