VIDEO – Fishermead shootings: Audio footage of gun shot was heard in 999 call to police

THIS is the moment that two men were shot dead in cold blood in a dispute over ‘drug turf’.

Yesterday, Sharmake Abdulkadir, 22, of The Fleet, Springfield, and Fuad Awale, 25, of no fixed address were found guilty of two counts of murder at Luton Crown Court.

No Caption ABCDE

No Caption ABCDE

The pair were sentenced today for the murders of Mohammed Abdi Farah, 19, pictured left, and 18-year-old Amin Ahmed Ismail in May 2011.

Police yesterday released audio of a 999 call in which the sound of a shot can clearly be heard.

The caller can be heard talking to the operator: “It sounded as though I heard a gun shot, two gun shots...

“There is someone lying in the alleyway and there is blood everywhere.

Victim: Mohammed Farah

Victim: Mohammed Farah

“It looks too graphic to be honest.

“It looks really bad. I think he has been shot in the head.”

A gun shot can then be clearly heard before the caller says: “There’s another gun shot.”

During the trial, an eyewitness told the jury they he saw a group of five men arguing with two other men in the alleyway off Fishermead Boulevard, before hearing two shots and then the two men falling down.

The jury also heard from several witnesses who heard two gunshots coming from the alleyway.

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