Video: Frosts welcomes more micro-pigs

BANGER, Rocket and Catherine Wheel are not obvious names for cute piglets, but these four were born with a bang on fireworks night.

Mum Willow, who was named by Milton Keynes Citizen readers earlier this year, became pregnant while on display at Frosts Garden Centre and has come home to owners Pet Piggies for some much needed quiet time with her tiny brood.

Mum and dad, Willow and Wilf, at Frosts when they were piglets

Mum and dad, Willow and Wilf, at Frosts when they were piglets

Breeder Caroline Chaplin is keen to dispel any myths on pygmy pigs like Willow, and her partner Wilf, and even though her babies can fit in a teacup, a fully grown adult certainly cannot.

This doesn’t mean you should dismiss a pygmy as a pet, on the contrary said Caroline.

“They only really need to be fed once a day and although they need to be kept outside they are fabulous in the house, spotlessly clean in fact. They like being fussed over and love a tummy rub.”

Potential owners are welcome to visit Pet Piggies near Woburn Sands to get the low-down on life with a pet pig or head over to their website for more information.

Willow and her fellow micro pigs will return to Frosts Garden Centre in the new year, but if you cant wait that long then click on our video to see the four day old piglets relaxing at home.

The fourth little piggie has not yet been named, so if you have suggestions let us know in the comments box below.

Video and words by Natalee Hazelwood