VIDEO: Get ready for summer at the PT Centre

We’ve all been there - you’ve booked the beach holiday, but you’re not entirely sure you want to whip your top off just yet.

But steer clear of the crash diet, starving yourself and feeling miserable in the build-up to what will be a great summer in the sun. Instead, go and see the guys at the PT Centre.

Kelvin Dwumfuo and Adam Howkins with sports editor Toby Lock.

Kelvin Dwumfuo and Adam Howkins with sports editor Toby Lock.

I’ve been a regular at the Linford Wood gym for 20 weeks now, and I’m a shadow of my former self. In fact, my old shadow could probably keep a couple of me shaded now.

I’ve lost in excess of 30lbs, I’ve changed shape, attitude, lifestyle, habits, clothes size - effectively everything about my 2014 self. And I’m better off for it.

Two sessions a week with Kelvin, eating what he advises me to and generally being more active in my social life has helped me shed a fair bit of weight since mid-January.

Body image is, naturally, a subject that can make people very self-conscious. But far from standing in a room full of other equally self-conscious people on treadmills, the PT Centre is different.

Whether you’re training with owner Adam, or fellow trainers Kelvin or Dan, you’ll be relatively alone. This is no commercial gym, but a room for you and your trainer to work-out without prying eyes. And the best part (in my opinion anyway): no treadmills!

The training you’ll go through will be weight based, with focus on fat burning and muscle building. You’ll be given an eating plan but rest assured, it’s not as bad as you think, but you’ll probably have to cut out the slice of cake with your cup of tea or the baked camembert starter if you want to see quick results. And they will be quick if you want them to be.

But far from laughing at your short comings or thriving in seeing you struggle, the guys are never happier than seeing you do one more rep, lift one more time or knock out one more push-up. They’ll be just as proud of your results as you will be.

So whether it’s getting ready for the beach this summer, ready for a new sporting season, that pretty girl or guy, or whether it’s just time you got into better shape, make sure you check out the PT Centre.

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