VIDEO: Hilarious second episode of fly-on-wall mini-series showing life on a Milton Keynes farm introduces Eric ‘the legend’ ... a rather randy sheep

A Milton Keynes family are doing a monthly mini-series showcasing what life is like on the farm and February is hilarious.

Sarah Denne has been farming since she was 14 years old ‘working herself stupid’ as her son Rufus explains.

And it was he who discovered his mum not only has a talent for tending to animals but also on camera.

Over Christmas Rufus started filming his mum’s daily life on Hedgerows Farm in Milton Keynes and found her to be a real natural on camera.

That set the wheels in motion for the family to make a video every month in 2018 to showcase what life on a Milton Keynes farm is like.

February is all about the lambs and Sarah introduces us to Eric ‘the legend’ who is one of her particularly randy sheep.