VIDEO: ‘I’m addicted to politics’ says Independent

An Independent candidate who threw his hat in the ring for the battle in MK South admits he is now “addicted” to politics.

Businessman Stephen Fulton has only recently got involved in campaigning when he felt he wanted to give the electorate a person to vote for who would “fight for them” in Parliament.

Acknowledging he will miss out this time round, Mr Fulton says he is now determined to use this year’s election as a learning curve - and come back fighting in five years time.

He said: “Although everyone else is thinking about their election speech but this is a restart today - the first day of a five-year campaign.

It’s so exciting, but the problem is - it’s addictive.

“I feel like the oldest teenager in town whereas you feel like you should have been doing this in my 20s. Here I am in my 50s wanting to make change,

“So it’s exciting to have entered the frame, but unfortunately it has dragged me in and I’m going to be campaigning for another five years at least.”

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