VIDEO: Iain Stewart launches his top priorities for the future of Milton Keynes

Would-be Conservative MP Iain Stewart has pledged to ensure young people have the chance to buy their own home if he is re-elected next month.

Mr Stewart, who is standing for MK South, launched his top priorities for the next five years while in Stony Stratford this morning. He was joined on the campaign trail with special guest Liam Fox, a former Tory leadership candidate.

As well as pledging to create infrastructure for a growing town, Mr Stewart says he will continue growing jobs and apprenticeships, and push for an expansion of Milton Keynes Hospital.

He said: “I want to lock-in and continue the economic growth we have seen in Milton Keynes over the past five years. That means more skills, apprenticeships and jobs being created locally.

“It is through a growing economy that we will generate the revenues to fund increases in our public services like the NHS.

“I want to look at the future of MK to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to fund the road and rail improvements and the other services we need to sustain a growing city.

“At the root of everything is this - Do you have a successful economy?”

Liam Fox

“Milton Keynes has got a great future. We are coming up to our next 50 years and I want to be part of setting the vision for the future of this great place.”

Ex-party chairman, Liam Fox, who is running for re-election as a Conservative candidate for North Somerset, spoke to a packed-out room of volunteers at Stony Stratford Conservative Club.

Speaking to the Citizen, Mr Fox said: “The number one priority for Milton Keynes voters is the same as those around the country - How do we keep ourselves in a healthy economy?

“How do we keep people’s living standards rising? How do you keep job creation going so that younger people are also able to have a share of that prosperity?

“At the root of everything is this - Do you have a successful economy?

“What we have done over the last few years is give people across the country a share of that prosperity. To throw that away now would be crazy.

“So for all of us, the number one priority is the economy.”

Mr Stewart added: “Liam is great. I have known him for many years. It is great to have the celebrities from the party to come along because it really enthuses the volunteers - lots of people come along to help out.

“Liam has been incredibly supportive, not just in this election, but in previous ones, and it has been great to welcome him back to Milton Keynes.”