VIDEO: Injured swan now being treated after cyclist’s roadside rescue

An injured swan was helped to safety by a passing cyclist, after the bird crashed into the highway when it mistook the road for water.

Cyclist Norman Sawyer, from Broughton, saw the animal next to Bletcham Way by Bletchley’s Inn On The Lake pub on Monday lunchtime.

Injured swan, Bletchley

Injured swan, Bletchley

After he contacted the authorities the bird is being treated at St Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Haddenham.

Mr Sawyer told the Citizen: “I saw the swan by the side of the road, which is unusual for this time of day.

“I thought he was injured, so I called the police, and they contacted the RSPCA.

“The bird would stand up but then it collapsed - the leg seemed to be really damaged.”

A spokesman for The Ark Wildlife Hospital in Bradville said: “The swan’s leg doesn’t appear to be broken or anything serious like that. We think it probably was flying over and crashed into the road - in the mornings, and when it’s misty, the birds can easily mistake the road for water.

“It seems like he was disorientated but we hope to pick him up soon.”