VIDEO: John Bercow visits MK Community Cardiac Group

The manager of Milton Keynes Community Cardiac Group said she was extremely proud of her staff and volunteers after the visit of John Bercow.

The speaker of The House of Commons visited Gill Robinson and her team in Bletchley after being personally invited to visit to see the good work done by the group.

Gill said: “I contacted him regarding defibrillators in schools and in doing so had a chance to explain the work of the group, which is used by people within his Buckingham constituency.

“I think he was impressed with the work that is done here and the fact that we use so many volunteers, and involve so many doctors and professionals as well.”

Despite the fact that no classes were scheduled for today a number of volunteers took the chance to meet Mr Bercow and explain what exactly they did. Gill said she couldn’t put into words the pride she had in them after he had left.

She said: “They were so pleased to grab the opportunity to explain what we are about and personally I was so proud of them all.”

The MKCCG is a local charity group which is now in its 25th year. They offer a safe environment for people with cardiac conditions and or COPD to exercise, overseen by qualified British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation teachers.

The Group meets every week and has an exercise programme directly related to those who have had cardiac problems. It also provides an opportunity to socialise with people who have had similar problems.

Later this year they will be starting a new programme, Singing for Breathing, on March 19 where people can enjoy the experience of singing and the benefits that come with different breathing techniques associated with it.