VIDEO: Jumping at the chance for Hallowe’en shocks!

As a newbie reporter it was up to me to try out a brand new Hallowe’en attraction that would scare me senseless and therefore provide girly shrieks to amuse the office and our readers.

And it worked. Accompanied by our videographer, Natalee Hazelwood, I ventured to Mead Open Farm, based in Billington, to find out how I fared against ghosts and spiders.

Halloween fun at Mead Open Farm with  reporter Amanda Devlin

Halloween fun at Mead Open Farm with reporter Amanda Devlin

Not well, I admit, as I left the farm with a sore throat and dented ego having been set up on more than one occasion and fallen for it completely.

As part of its Freaky Fortnight, Mead Open Farm is welcoming children to enter a new Hallowe’en attraction, also known as the Spiders Den.

Owner of Mead Open Farm, Matthew Heast said: “The Freaky Fortnight part is just going into its second year, but we’ve actually been doing Hallowe’en parts for about six years.

“We set up the spooky corners all differently so there is an area for the younger ones.

“There is a scarecrow shack, ghostly pirate ship and then the haunted castle, which is actually designed for the older ones.”

Parents should be aware that supervisors will advise if their child is of a suitable age to enter the haunted castle, just in case your tots don’t realise it is just people dressed up in costumes jumping out at you in a spooky setting.

I can vouch for this because with creepy music playing on the speakers, dark lighting, and the fear of someone about to jump out at you at any moment, it is easy to get carried away in the Hallowe’en spirit.

Alongside the new Spiders Den, visitors can jump on board the Ghostly Pirate Ship for spooky story time, enter the Haunted Castle, explore Creepy Tots Corner, board the Phantom Trailer Ride and carve pumpkins.

The impressive Freaky Fortnight at Mead Open Farm is open daily from 10am until Sunday, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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And to round off, how about a fact about my new eight-legged friends... How do you spot a modern spider?

He doesn’t have a web, he has a WEBsite instead...