VIDEO: Labour activist Eddie Izzard on the campaign trail in Milton Keynes

Comedian Eddie Izzard used his celebrity status to inspire young people to vote during a trip to Milton Keynes today.

The Labour activist, who hopes to be an MP or Mayor of London by 2020, told MK College students to “dream big”.

Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard

Speaking to the Citizen, Eddie said: “Lots of young people were interested and asking questions, it was great.

“They seemed to be paying attention and up for it.

“Above all else, I am encouraging people to vote. People fought and died for the vote so I want young people to get involved.”

Eddie’s visit to Milton Keynes today was the 54th constituency he has visited across the country to support Labour MPs.

Today he was backing MK North candidate Emily Darlington and MK South’s Andrew Pakes.

He said: “If celebrities can come in and get people involved in politics then that has got to be good.

“I am actually getting more energised as I am going round the country.

“I did run a few marathons a while back, but now I’ve actually been to more constituencies than I have run marathons.

“A lot of people from the world of politics don’t get out there and interact with people.

“It’s good to talk to people, have them ask you things and have a lot of knowledge in your head.

“I try to be honest and open.”

> Milton Keynes North candidates:

David Reilly- UKIP

Paul Graham - Liberal Democrat

Emily Darlington - Labour

David Mortimer - Independent

Jenny Marklew - Green Party

Mark Lancaster - Conservative

> Milton Keynes South candidates:
Vince Peddle - UKIP

Lisa Smith - Liberal Democrat

Andrew Pakes - Labour

Stephen Fulton - Independent

Samantha Pancheri - Green

Iain Stewart - Conservative