VIDEO: Mayor skips to the MK Rose

The Mayor of Milton Keynes, led a number of city schools in celebrating National Skipping Day at the MK Rose today.

Councillor Brian White got the event underway at 11am with the first skip and was soon joined by staff from the Parks Trust and Councillor Debbie Brock, who is chairman of the Cenotaph Trust.

Mr White said: “The Rose is all about bringing people together to celebrate and commemorate and this is exactly what events like this do. What better place is there to do that on a sunny day than right here? Children are enjoying themselves and keeping fit.

“I haven’t skipped in a long time but it’s so fun. It has given the schools a focus and brings the importance of The Rose home to them rather than them just skipping in the playground.”

Simon Williams from FitMK was on hand to help children, and mayors, help and advice on skipping to help them stay fit and healthy.

He said: “With a recent survey showing that 72.5 per cent of people over 18 were obese what a way this is to reignite people’s passion for skipping and keeping fit.

“This is amazing to see children maintaining the fitness aspect and days like this you want them to hold onto. Skipping and exercise help to release feel good endorphins in the body and encourage you to take part in more exercise.”

Julie Dawes, events co-ordinator for the Parks Trust, said: “Today is the start of something amazing. In terms of events we are just getting started. We have a fabulous heritage in Milton Keynes and events like this are what it’s all about. It is so great to see community groups and schools getting involved in events but this really is just the beginning.”

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