VIDEO: Missing girl Cailey-Anne could be in Milton Keynes, but ‘scared to make contact’

A Milton Keynes Detective Superintendent is to make a personal appeal this afternoon to a 16-year-old girl who has been missing for almost eight days.

Det Supt Barry Halliday, LPA Commander for Milton Keynes, told the Citizen that the longer time that passes without having contact from Cailey-Anne Payne, of Fishermead, the more concerned they are about her welfare.

Cailey-Anne Payne

Cailey-Anne Payne

This afternoon, Thames Valley Police will use social media as a platform to launch a personal appeal to Cailey-Anne to come home.

Det Supt Halliday said: “Cailey-Anne’s family are obviously concerned about her and are keen to make sure she can at least pick up the phone and let them know she is safe and well, where she is and that she’s not in trouble.

“Cailey-Anne is a typical 16-year-old who is finding her feet and like all teenagers will create challenges for parents, as well as obviously experiencing new adventures.

“Like other teenagers, she perhaps doesn’t necessarily always appreciate the impact of that non-contact and the upset and worry that might cause.

Cailey-Anne Payne

Cailey-Anne Payne

“I have been asked if I could explain why Cailey-Anne hasn’t picked up the phone, bearing in mind there is this much publicity and activity going on.

“The stark reality of it is that perhaps she feels she cannot pick up the phone because she is going to get herself in trouble.

“One of our aims is to make that point very clear that she is not in any trouble - we are just concerned about her welfare.”

Thames Valley Police have confirmed Cailey-Anne has a history of going missing, but officers say this is irrespective of the current investigation.

Det Supt Halliday said: “Yes, Cailey-Anne has gone missing before but my team are very much focused on this investigation.

“To some extent, whether she had gone missing once, twice, five times or none at all, it is this investigation that we must be concerned about.

“When a young person goes missing and we find them, we spend some time - not telling them off - but debriefing them; finding out where they have been and who they have been in contact with during those missing hours or days.

“So my investigation team are in a position to research the previous missing person report, and the details that came out of that, can be used in this case.

“The key point for me is that irrespective of how many times someone has gone missing before, each incident is treated, quite rightly, as a standalone situation and in our case, as time passes on, we are getting more and more concerned about her.”

The latest picture of Cailey-Anne shows her in Milton Keynes railway station on the evening she went missing, but it is believed Cailey-Anne was seen in the Acton area of London on Saturday morning.

The friend she travelled with is now back in the Milton Keynes area, leading the police to believe Cailey-Anne is back in the town.

She is white, 5ft 3ins tall, of medium build, with long dark reddish hair and was last seen wearing light blue leggings, a green body with black arms, a leather jacket - believed to be the one pictured in the CCTV images - and grey Nike Airforce trainers.

Cailey-Anne’s picture is currently on billboards across London in every borough to help track the teenager down, but work is still ongoing in the Milton Keynes area.

Det Supt Halliday said: “The Thames Valley Police missing person coordinator is working very closely with charities in London and MK. We are engaged very much with our partners here in MK, which of course has a thriving young population.

“All our neighbourhood officers are all briefed and there isn’t one officer in this police area who isn’t aware that Cailey-Anne is missing.

“As part of their duties they will be expected to patrol those areas she might seek a little bit of sanctuary and warmth, such as the railway station or indeed the shopping centre.

“We are having as much emphasis with what we’re doing in MK as what’s going on in London, but of course it’s on a much larger scale due to the availability and geography.”