VIDEO: MK Citizen continues its countdown to the election #MKvotes2015

People in Milton Keynes have “the power to make a change”, according to the prospective MP for the Green Party.

Mum-of-four Samantha Pancheri, who is running for the hotly-contested MK South seat, says a national surge in Green Party members has created a buzz in the city - and she believes this could be the Greens’ year.

Milton Keynes Green Party

Milton Keynes Green Party

“Politics isn’t something that has to be done to you, it’s something you can get involved in,” said Ms Pancheri.

“People are beginning to get really excited about politics now and they are finally realising that they have that power to make a change.

“Nationally we have seen an enormous surge in membership, but actually in Milton Keynes we have seen a lot of people sign up. They are full of energy and want to get involved.”

Ms Pancheri, who moved to MK four years ago, says she is deeply passionate about the Green Party’s philosophy and would be honoured to represent Milton Keynes.

She added: “People need to vote for the party they believe in.

“Tactical voting doesn’t work when you have got five parties out there which are all trying to get the same message of change across.

“We want to say to people to vote for who they believe in and for a lot of people, we know that is the Greens.

“In blind surveys we come out on top time and time again.

“We know if we get our message out to people then we know believe in us, people like us and that’s why that vote isn’t wasted - we have got that power, we have the policies.”

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