VIDEO: MK UKIP candidate, 20, would ‘follow Nigel Farage into war’

UKIP’s youngest prospective MP who admits he endures personal attacks for his political views says he would follow his leader Nigel Farage into war.

David Reilly was UKIP’s last-minute choice to run for Milton Keynes North in next month’s election, after his predecessor went to work abroad.

MK North parliamentary candidate: David Reilly PNL-150416-174549001

MK North parliamentary candidate: David Reilly PNL-150416-174549001

The 20-year-old called for a clean fight over the next month. He said: “The persecution you experience just being a UKIP member is fascinating, it’s something you could never imagine in British politics.

“I’m not expecting people to have sympathy with me, or us, but it is interesting how this dehumanisation has taken place.

“They forget their opponents are human, that they may have feelings and emotions.

“People actually feel like they can treat you like a second class citizen just because you hold a different political view. I thought we grew out of that in the 20th century.”

Mr Reilly quit his full-time sales job to focus on running for a council seat in Loughton and Shenley.

Since throwing his hat in the ring as a parliamentary candidate for MK North, he has now given up his two zero-hour contracts, which saw him delivering pizza and working in care.

He added: “We have something I genuinely believe other parties do not have, a leader that we are so proud of. We would follow this guy into war. He is absolutely phenomenal.

“He lives on three or four hours sleep to try and fight the campaign, so we feel like he’s with all of us.

“He is fantastic and in that respect I think I do have his backing, as does every other person standing across the country.”