VIDEO: ‘My husband’s dying wish for a baby has been shattered’, says young Milton Keynes widow

Hard-hearted health bosses have denied a young widow her dream of having her dead husband’s baby through IVF.

Incredibly, they have refused the £3,500 funding for desperate Donna Turner on the grounds that she is officially SINGLE.

Nursery nurse Donna, 32, married the man of her dreams Paul Turner in 2012.

Five months after the wedding Paul, 38, was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Three months later he was dead.

His dying wish was that Donna should bear his child from sperm that doctors had extracted and frozen in readiness.

“We wanted a baby together more than anything in the world. We even chose the names – Paignton for a little girl and Tommy for a boy,” said Donna, who lives on Fishermead.

“We considered conceiving while Paul was ill but we decided I would wait until after he died so the grieving would not affect the pregnancy.”

But when Donna felt ready to request the referral for IVF she received an unexpected kick in the teeth.

“The CCG flatly refused to fund me. The main reason was that they classed me as single and the second reason was that Paul already has a child from a previous relationship 24 years ago,” she said.

Outraged MP Mark Lancaster helped Donna and her family appeal. But still the CCG refused to budge.

This week Mark said: “This is clearly a case where a degree of common sense should apply and I urge the CCG to look again and change its mind to support Donna in her bid to become a mother.”

In an statement from the MKCCG, associate director Janet Corbett said: “The Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Group’s IVF policy is in line with all other CCGs within East Midlands.

“The policy is for use when a couple has a medical reason for being unable to conceive a child.”

Meanwhile the Citizen has promised to explore every avenue, including a fundraising appeal for private treatment, to make Donna’s dream come true.

One option is donating her spare eggs to an infertile woman, which would mean she would get free IVF privately but still pay for the drugs.

Said Donna: “I can’t think the Citizen enough for helping. It would take me years to save for private funding myself.

“All I want is to have my husband’s baby – a little part of him I can love forever.”