VIDEO: New arts hub gives creative types room to build networks

A new hub for creative types including artists, singers, photographers and writers epitomises the go-getting ethos of Milton Keynes, says the city’s mayor.

Councillor Brian White was speaking at yesterday’s (Tuesday) launch of Arts Central, in 16,000 sq-ft of unoccupied office space in South Station House, Elder Gate, at the railway station.

Mr White said: “As well as being a space for people it’s a home for ideas, for things that are possible.”

And he added that turning sometimes impossible ideas into reality was what Milton Keynes is all about.

There is enough space to allow more than 40 self-employed people to work and get to know others.

It’s managed office space but with an added whiff of paint and a crash of drums. There’s space for dance and performance art as well as exhibitions.

Businesses there include artist and art consultant Liisa Clark.

She said she has benefitted from moving her studio from her home, not just by having more space but by networking with other artists.

The project was the brainchild of Arts Gateway MK, a registered charity and not-for-profit limited company formed after more than 20 years as the Milton Keynes Arts Association.

The Arts Gateway provides funds and support for the arts.

Musician Bob Stott said the project, which has taken just six months to bring to fruition, started out as a search for rehearsal space but soon expanded to the other arts.

Mr Stott, a part of the project team, said: “It feels fantastic this has come to fruition. There is a great buzz around the place.

“I thik it will be a hotbed of encouragement for the arts.”