VIDEO: Olympic Torch lights up the city

THOUSANDS of people lined the streets of Milton Keynes on Monday as the Olympic Torch blazed a trail through the city.

The relay, on its 52nd day, was started by Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton in Luton and made its way to the city where it was picked up by Luke Webb on H6 Childs Way.

Olympic Torch Relay at Bletchley Park

Olympic Torch Relay at Bletchley Park

He passed the torch on to badminton gold medallist Gail Emms as she made her way through Central Milton Keynes.

The Torch then joujr then made its way to Bletchley Park where it was greeted by hundreds of cheering supporters.

A number of city residents had their chance to run with the flame on the day with Allan Grainger, Hazel Staten and Sean Vendy among those afford the honour of helping the Olympic torch en route to the London Games .