VIDEO: Pensioner praises good samaritans for chasing ‘bad guy’

A pensioner says her brush with a ‘burly bloke’ who robbed her in the street won’t hold her back – thanks to the people who helped defend her.

70-year-old Hilary Saunders, of Wolverton, has spoken out after three good Samaritans who heard her cry for help chased after the thief who had just snatched her purse.

Hilary Saunders at New Bradwell High Street's cash point.

Hilary Saunders at New Bradwell High Street's cash point.

“I thought I might have been shaken by it when I realised I could have been killed,” said Hilary.

“But somehow it didn’t seem like that because there were three good guys and one bad guy.

“That made all the difference to how I felt about it.”

Hilary, who is chairman of Wolverton and Greenley Town Council, had just withdrawn £50 from the Co-Op cash machine in New Bradwell at 1pm on Bank Holiday Monday when she was grabbed from behind.

“I thought it was a friend playing guess who, but then he tugged at my purse and legged it.” said Hilary.

“My first thought was I’m not going to let him get away with this so I shouted as loud as I possibly could, ‘stop that man, he’s got my purse.’

“Two young men came out from the bookies and another man in his fifties from Krish Convenience and they all charged after this fellow, very nearly catching up with the burly bloke. I was delighted at the response.”

The offender dropped the purse, but escaped with Hilary’s £50.

For a full description of the attacker, see online. Call 101.