VIDEO: Pupils in class-rooms of their own

A big thanks to everyone in Aspley Guise for building our new school classrooms – brick by brick!

That’s the message from headteacher Melanie Mercer who extended thanks to everyone who contributed through initiatives like sponsor-a-brick to build three brand new classrooms at Aspley Guise Lower School.

The buildings, which were officially unveiled on Monday, will replace temporary huts which were put up in 1968.

Mrs Mercer, who has been at the school for nine years, said she was delighted the project, which cost £280,000 and includes an expansion of the playground, was finally complete.

She explained the project was launched to alleviate problems of pupils and teachers enduring cold winters and hot summers in unsuitable facilities that needed constant repair, a lack of nearby toilets and intermittent internet connection.

She set the ball rolling by diverting funding allocated to repair the temporary huts alongside fundraising by parents, a local benefactor and the Aspley Guise community as a whole.

Each new classroom caters for 27 youngsters giving the children plenty of space to play.

Alongside the extra space, the classrooms are equipped with running water, separate toilet area and internet access to run electronic whiteboards and computers.

The new facilities were welcomed by pupils in the reception class who all agreed their favourite thing about the new classrooms were the electronic whiteboard and PCs.

Mrs Mercer added: “The children of Aspley Guise now have a future environment for learning that’s bigger, better and brighter than they could possibly imagine.

“It’s perfect for their learning, and hopefully these new classrooms will last well over 70 years.”