VIDEO: Residents’ horror as rats infest Milton Keynes housing estate

A desperate tenant has made a “horror film” of rats outside his block of flats in a bid to shock the council into action.

The resident filmed the hungry vermin scrabbling around a pile of bin bags other tenants had piled up outside his city estate home.

“Currently due to council mistakes about 30 homes put their refuse sacks outside my home and it builds up all week,” he said.

“Quite often fly tipping also occurs there which means the recycling collectors refuse to collect most of the household rubbish.

“There have been up to 36 cubic metres of refuse with large amounts of food waste left for months despite huge numbers of complaints so it is absolutely no coincidence that there are lots of rats around.”

The tenants claims residents in communal blocks are charged hundreds of pounds a year for ‘rat control’, but it is simply not effective.

He said the main issue is the rats getting inside the council blocks and the council’s refusal to control these.

He added: “Local residents use amounts of poisons and traps but there is no way the rats can be properly controlled inside the building unless the council does it as residents are not allowed to deal with the whole building, they can only deal with their individual flats.”

Tenants are now pressing for euro bins, which they say would curb the rat problem.