VIDEO: Restoration work continues at Bletchley Park

Historic huts and blocks are being renovated at Bletchley Park as part of a multi-million pound project.

Some of the buildings, used so importantly during World War Two, had fallen into disrepair with wet carpets, peeling paint and rust a feature of many of them.

The building was modified for contemporary use and one of the first jobs undertaken by specialist heritage restoration company Fairhurst Ward Abbots, was to knock down the internal walls which had changed the layout so dramatically.

Rob Davies, site manager, said: “It’s gone back to its original design and everything’s drying out quite quickly. This has been getting wet since about 1987 but the ventilation is pretty good.”

A demolition robot had to be brought in to demolish some of the more solid post-war internal alterations.

Rob said: “We started with guys taking out sections at a time with lump hammers, and the walls were extremely tough. We were worried it was going to take forever. After two days of trying that we needed to find a way of taking these walls out sensibly and safely, causing minimum damage, but quickly.”

The huts are also being brought back to life just in time with the elements damaging them considerably more with decaying roofs, weak plaster board and rotting floors to contend with.