VIDEO: Should councillors involved in the taxi scandal resign?

Councillors implicated in the rapist taxi driver scandal have been given new jobs by the Lib Dems “because that’s the way we work”.

At a full council meeting last night a member of the public asked Lib Dem councillor Stuart Burke, who was chair of the licencing sub-comittee when the licence was granted, why he thought going onto an overview and scrutiny committee was appropriate.



He and his vice-chairman, Labour’s Gladstone McKenzie stepped down from their roles on the committee, but none resigned from their positions as councillors.

Mr McKenzie was not given a new role on a committee following the scandal, but the ex-mayor Subhan Shafiq joined Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee and the Joint Negotiating Committee.

Mr Burke said: “Subhan and myself were quite prepared, as we received an allowance, to take up our fair share of committees and that’s what we did.

“That’s the party we are. I apologise, but that’s the way we work.”

Two public petitions presented to the council demanded the resignation of all three councillors involved in the decision to give a taxi driver’s licence to a convicted rapist.

Earlier in the meeting, Mr Burke was defiant about granting the licence, saying: “If I had the chance to make the decision again, I don’t know what decision I’d make.”

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