VIDEO: Swan attacks canoeist as he paddles down Milton Keynes’ canal

A canoeist, who has spent 16 years paddling down the same stretch of water in Milton Keynes, has ruffled a few feathers.

71-year-old Brian Evans, of Passmore, uses his kayak every morning to travel almost two miles along the Grand Union Canal to keep himself fit - and says he’s even had to row his way through ice to ensure he finishes his route.

Brian Evans

Brian Evans

But recently a swan, which is thought to be a male protecting his young, has aggressively attacked Brian and his kayak as he warns the canoeist to keep away from his family.

The pensioner has called the RSPCA about the birds, but been told just to keep out of their way.

Now, every morning Brian passes the nest that is built along the side of the canal, he is met by an angry swan who is very quick to show him who’s boss.

> Watch a video by Natalee Hazelwood to see the swan for yourself.