VIDEO: Trolley Dash tactics secure funds for Willen Hospice

A charity Trolley Dash to celebrate the launch of a new 99p Store in Milton Keynes turned out to be a wheelie big success.

The Citizen’s very own Helen Deakin took part in this morning’s event to help raise money for Milton Keynes’ Willen Hospice - and she even attempted to break a world record.

It was held at the store’s new location in The Place Retail Park, Elder Gate, where Helen decided to take a tactical approach to her challenge, choosing only to grab items at eye level so she didn’t waste time ‘ducking and diving’ around the aisle.

In stupendous style Helen secured 77 items, which added up to a total of £76.23, and were all delivered by her to Willen Hospice - but the 99p store say they will also donate the same amount of money to the charity in vouchers.

Some of the items Helen picked up included coffee, biscuits, cakes, handwash, packets of plant seeds, paper plates and bowls, cleaning products, shower gel and sweets.

Sadly Helen missed out on beating the world record Trolley Dash, which in order to do so successfully, she had to grab 268 items in 99 seconds - working out at around three per second.

Milton Keynes Trolley Dash at 99p store. Jane Deanick.

Milton Keynes Trolley Dash at 99p store. Jane Deanick.

“I was quite nervous because I was doing it for Willen Hospice. I think it’s a charity in Milton Keynes that is close to lots of people’s hearts because most people know someone who has been there or know a friend who knows someone. So I wanted to do my best.

“They shouted out 45 seconds left and I thought ‘wow my trolley is full’ so I think did well in the time I had.

Wendy Pearson of 99p Store said: “It went very well; Helen was great and really got into it. Our store staff cheered Helen on during her 99 second dash.

“We at 99p like to help in our communities, so arranging a trolley dash for a local charity is the quickest way we can help.

“Helen managed 77 items and Nadir the owner of 99p Stores doubled the winnings and we will be sending out vouchers first thing Monday.”

Helen added: ““It was so much fun - they should bring back Supermarket Sweep on telly!”