Viking fun means Scandi-mania

Camp MK Viking fun day
Camp MK Viking fun day

Who are these noble savages, rampaging at Willen School?

Why it’s the Milton Keynes youngsters who were having some Viking fun, at the Camp MK activity day camp.

More than 200 children immersed themselves into a specially themed village, taking part in re-enactments of the dark ages of the Vikings.

And one of the highlights of the day saw them board an actual long boat, although health and safety rules forbid them from travelling across the seas before looting and pillaging foreign lands.

Other fun included rune-making, shield wars, and even a Viking banquet.

Sharon Elliott, childcare director at Camp MK, said:

“We are really excited to have hosted the Viking event.

“Our true-to-life re-enactors set up a complete Viking village, and we hope that it was something the children will remember for years to come.”

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