Violent crimes and sexual offences soar in Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes has seen a shocking rise in violent crimes and sexual offences over the past year, the Citizen can reveal.

Rape has increased by more than 60 per cent, with 207 instances recorded by police.

Violence with injury has shot up by 16 per cent, while harassment has rocketed by 53 per cent.

Arson has also proved a growing problem. Police figures show a rise of almost 58 per cent..

Police also caught 173 people in possession with a weapon – a 30 per cent rise – and recorded 637 public order offences, which was a rise of almost nine per cent.

Police have vowed to prioritise a reduction in violent crime. They say the figures in MK are still well below the national average, and the rape surge follows a national trend.

The figures are set against a drop in the overall crime rate for the city. Burglaries in particular have decreased, with 1,231 recorded throughout 2014/15 compared to 1,412 the previous year.

There was a 12 per cent drop in drug trafficking crimes and a 21 per cent drop in drug possession offences.

Shoplifting offences rose by only a fraction, though offences of people making off without payment dropped by a substantial 37 per cent.

The most significant increases were in hate crimes, with religious incidents soaring by a 700 percent and homophobic offences by 300 percent. But this is seen as good news and a reflection of the non-tolerance policy from Milton Keynes police.

Meanwhile people in affluent Olney are still baffled after a national survey showed the town to be among the 20 areas in Britain most likely to be burgled.

“It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t seem to tally with police statistics,” said ward councillor Peter Geary.

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