Virtual weddings become a reality in Milton Keynes after woman's traumatic snowboarding accident

A woman who lost her memory after a brain injury has set up a '˜virtual wedding' business to ensure couples never forget a single moment of their big day.

Wednesday, 9th May 2018, 3:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 10:35 pm
Emma Beckett

Emma Beckett was a photographer and young single mum when she suffered severe head trauma and a spine injury in a snowboarding accident seven years ago.

Afterwards she couldn’t even remember the first Christmas with her baby son, River.

The experience prompted her to find new ways to preserve memories in the most realistic way possible.

Emma Beckett

This inspired her to launch Virtual Weddings, offering couples the chance to use VR headsets to be ‘guests’ at their own wedding for years to come.

Emma records the day using 360° camera technology and smart tech streaming.

“We enable couples to be guests at their own wedding through virtual space. They can literally stand at the top of the aisle again, looking into all their guests’ faces,” she said.

“The couple can dip into any moment of that special day and relive it – and they can discover amazing detail that they didn’t notice at the time.”

Emma Beckett

The wedding day can even be streamed live to guests who cannot attend.

“This allows the couple to watch in the future and have their future children or Auntie May stand next to them as they say their vows,” said Emma.

A bolt of live stream can also be sent directly to social media if requested. The couple are also presented with a fully edited film at the end for them to keep and view again in years to come.

Emma , because of her own memory loss, realises how important this is.

“I wish so much that I had some virtual reality video of the Christmas I cannot remember. I would watch it again and again to relive memories that I couldn’t retain.”

Emma, who has worked in the photography for 20 years, is pitching her new company to Richard Branson in his #VOOM competition.

Small business can pitch their plans and win a share of £1m in prizes. Emma’s Virtual Reality Weddings went in at position number 453 and is now at 194. She needs to get to 40 to get in front of Richard Branson and his team with her business.

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