Voice of the Milton Keynes Citizen: ‘Drivers will be cursing over queues but things WILL get better’

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Our take on the issues in Milton Keynes this week.

It’s good to see the government, councils, and other bodies working together to make improvements in Milton Keynes.

The announcement that the A421 will be made a dual carriageway to M1 Junction 13, thanks to a multi-million pound cash injection, is overdue.

The A421 link is currently a cause of embarrassment, with double its design capacity of 15,000 vehicles-a-day using it, often at a crawl.

Work to widen the road is due to start within days.

Impending roadworks are sure to cause consternation. But drivers can sweat in the queues in the knowledge that things will get better... in the long term.

It’s sad to see the fizz going out of Milton Keynes with the loss of hundreds of jobs at Coca-Cola. We wish the workforce all the best in securing new employment following the devastating news.