Voice of the Milton Keynes Citizen: ‘MK is a city... just ask the Duke of Kent’

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Our take on the issues in Milton Keynes this week.

Milton Keynes is a city – it’s official. City status has been given the royal seal of approval!

How so you may ask? During his visit on Tuesday the Duke of Kent frequently referred to Milton keynes as a city – which just endorses what many already believe to be the case.

OK, we know no official charter has yet been granted but the fact the Duke seemingly was convinced – and not corrected – was good enough for the council leader. Pete Marland commented: “The Duke of Kent says we’re a city, so I’ll take that.” We’re also happy to take it – city status is long overdue. Milton Keynes has had three applications turned down, so maybe the Duke knows something we don’t.

Or, if there’s nothing official in the pipeline, perhaps the Duke could do the right thing and give Her Maj a little nudge. It would settle a few arguments once and for all.