Voice of the Milton Keynes Citizen: ‘Our city’s education system simply must do better’

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Our take on the issues in Milton Keynes this week.

A growing city needs to reach for the best.

Unfortunately it appears that our city’s education system is not managing to do that.

Almost a third of the secondary schools in Milton Keynes are performing below the standard required by the government.

There will be many reasons why this is the case, and we don’t doubt that some excellent work goes on in our schools – our teachers, parents, school staff and above all our students deserve nothing but support.

But unfortunately this report card has to read: Must Do Better.

>If our city has one thing it is a big heart – so many readers will have felt their hearts sink at the story on page 8 about the two neglected horses left chained up in Kiln Farm.

If you know who is caring for or at least feeding the horses, please let the authorities know.