Voice of the Milton Keynes Citizen: Plans to cut Thames Valley Police’s mounted section is a cut too far

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Cuts, cuts, cuts. If we keep cutting services then we can keep cutting taxes – and that’s got to be a good thing.


Maybe, maybe not. Thames Valley Police’s plans to scrap their mounted section seem a cut too far to the many people who have signed a petition opposing the plans.

And with the force having slashed £99million from its annual budget since 2010-11, you can see how they have ended up cutting so close to the bone.

Meanwhile, bosses at MK Council are warning that the authority could go bust within four years if a solution isn’t found to stop continued government cuts.

An exaggeration? Perhaps. But it has already happened in neighbouring Northampton.

It seems we all have a choice: Either keep on cutting, or start paying for the services that we all say we want.