Volunteer to help - or benefit from – the Jesus Celebration Centre

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THE Jesus Celebration Centre will continue helping the vulnerable with its project work this year.

The Centre is based in Lloyds Court, Central Milton Keynes, and has joined forces with other organisations to offer an overnight stay for the homeless, as well as a coffee lounge, library, computer room, charity shop and food bank.

Its latest project is to set up a practical skills course for the unemployed and is open to all ages.

The course will consist of bricklaying, carpentry, wall tiling, general home maintenance and health and safety.

Completing the course will give participants a starting point to finding full-time employment.

The Centre is also opening their building maintenance division carrying out home maintenance for the elderly at a fraction of the cost.

Any donations will help towards expanding the teaching projects and helping to protect the elderly from unscrupulous builders.

Contact 01908 511 382 for more information.