Volunteers add extra toppings to animal shelter reception area

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STAFF at a major pizza chain have clubbed together to rejuvenate the reception area for a popular animal shelter.

Head office workers from Dominos Pizza last week visited HULA – Home for Unwanted and Lost Animals – and volunteered their services to help out around the shelter.

Domino’s donated several cabinets, chairs, notice boards, carpet tiles and paint as well as their services.

HULA asked for help in tidying up and re-organising their reception area and the Domino’s DIY SOS team were only too keen to oblige.

With some forward planning and inspiration the volunteers performed a ‘Changing Rooms’ style makeover to the room as they cleaned, tidied and transformed the area into a functional and professional looking facility.

Steve Price, HULA centre manager, said: “Their help has been invaluable to us and we are overwhelmed by their generosity.

“Fundamentally, visitors come to HULA to see and enquire about our animals, but it is nice to know that we now have a professional looking reception area in which to welcome them.”

Angie Lawrence, PR Officer, for Domino’s said: “We are pleased to have made a difference and hope that the charity does indeed raise further funds from our hard work.”