Volunteers help Animal Shelter

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Staff from Domino’s Pizza’s head office visited HULA Animal Shelter on Friday to volunteer their services in helping the charity to create an animal reception area.

HULA wanted to use the two spare rooms in their back office facility to create a new animal handover area. They needed help to de-clutter and decorate these rooms so they were fit for use and called on Domino’s help.

Domino’s Pizza has been an active supporter of this local animal charity for three years now. During this time volunteers from Domino’s have helped to rejuvenate the dog kennels, makeover the reception area and now create a new animal handover area. The Domino’s DIY SOS team was only too keen to get involved in this latest project and spent the day painting, cleaning, de-cluttering and re-organising the two rooms to create an area for animals to be handed over to their new owners. With some forward planning and inspiration the Domino’s volunteers performed a changing room style makeover to the two rooms and by the end of the day the area was looking shiny and new and ready for use.

Karina Collins, Operations Director for HULA, said: “We were amazed at just what the staff from Domino’s managed to achieve in one day. Their help has been invaluable to us and we are overwhelmed by their generosity and hard work. We are so pleased with the final result and feel we can really benefit from this change. We have wanted to create a space for the purpose of animal handovers for some time now. This new area will ensure that people can come and collect their new pets in peace, away from the main reception. The animal will be more relaxed and the process in general will be a lot more professional.”

Angie Lawrence, PR Officer, for Domino’s said: “As a Company we encourage all our team members to donate a day to helping out a local charity. I visited HULA not so long ago to adopt two cats and I have established a good relationship with them ever since. They are a struggling local charity that needs help from local companies to survive. We were pleased to help – the team got stuck in and worked really hard to renovate the two spare rooms. We all had lots of fun meeting the animals and are pleased to know we have made such a difference.”

Thanks also go to CD Wright Electrical, CS Cleaning and WJR Management Limited for their services on the day.

The volunteers all enjoyed their day at HULA and had time while they were there to visit the animals which included Frankie the pig and Suzi the goat. It was a memorable day for all concerned and a worthwhile activity which will hopefully bring good results for HULA.