Wagyu beef coming to Asda

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A special item is being welcomed on to the Asda menu this weekend.

This coming Saturday Asda Milton Keynes is launching premium quality Wagyu beef as part of its Extra Special range at a truly iconic price – one of just five stores in the UK to do so.

Since November last year Asda is the first UK supermarket to sell Wagyu beef which is traditionally of Japanese origin, is one of the most expensive meats in the world due to its unique marbling which gives it an intense, luxurious flavour and a silky, buttery taste. Asda has taken the decision to stock the high quality beef in Milton Keynes to ensure the delicious flavour can be enjoyed by all at everyday low prices.

Thanks to a successful breeding trial of Wagyu cattle in the UK, the gourmet meat is launching at Asda Milton Keynes meat counters at a fraction of the price of other retailers (£28 per kg / sirloin cut). In Japan, Wagyu beef retails at approximately £155 per kg whilst closer to home, customers have previously had to fork out at top class retailers such as Selfridges (£180 per kg) and Harrods (£198 per kg).

Over the last three years Asda has developed a successful farmers’ support network enabling young British farmers to get onto the first step of the ladder in the beef industry and rear Wagyu-Holstein cattle at affordable rates. Farmers are offered a minimum guaranteed price by Asda at all stages of the rearing process which removes a huge amount of risk enabling farmers to build their businesses.

Asda Milton Keynes store manager, Steve Kelly, said: “At Asda we’ve invested time and research into creating the best quality steak available on supermarket shelves today. We’re proud to introduce this premium quality breed which is reared primarily for its flavour and texture – it’s a supermarket first without the beefed up prices and I hope our customers in Milton Keynes will love it!”