Walk to School Week set for success

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Parents and children across Milton Keynes are being encouraged to take part in Walk to School Week.

Set to take place from May 20-24, Walk to School Week aims to show everyone involved the benefits making that small change will have.

Mooie, one of the MK Dons mascots, will be visiting different schools across the city during the course of the week to join pupils while they take part.

Portfolio Holder for Children and Learning, Councillor Andy Dransfield, was keen to point out the benefits walking to school has.

He said: “Walk to School Week is a great way for children and parents to make a small lifestyle change that gives them big results and that will benefit the whole family.

“Keeping children fit and healthy helps combat childhood obesity and they can start the school day alert and full of energy.

“We also know that congestion around schools is a problem in Milton Keynes and if more people switched to walking instead it would help to reduce this significantly.”

Each day of the week will highlight the benefits walking to school presents, such as reduced carbon emmissions, development of road safety skills and the money saving factor for parents.

And Portfolio Holder for Transport and Highways, Councillor John Bint, explained how he is working to improve road safety around schools and encouraging parents to leave the car at home.

He said: “The Road Safety Team at Milton Keynes Council is working closely with schools across Milton Keynes to improve the traffic problems at schools.

“Reducing the number of cars around schools reduces congestion and improves road safety.

“We are actively supporting alternative methods of travel to school such as walking, scooting and cycling by making improvements to the Redway network and footways.”