Warden scheme to be axed in year

Rob Harriman, Regional Finalist in Pride of Britain Awards
Rob Harriman, Regional Finalist in Pride of Britain Awards

The popular neighbourhood warden scheme is set to be axed. Milton Keynes Council has given the project a year’s extension – but intens to close it in 2014.

The decision has sparked anger among residents, and the wardens themselves, who feel it has made estates a safer place.

Rob Harriman has worked as a neighbourhood warden for around ten years and said the decision was ‘disappointing.

He said: “I’m delighted we are staying for another year, that is due to local councillor and public pressure, but I’m absolutely gutted we are going.

“I have put so much work in around the city and last year was almost successful at the Pride of Britain awards.”

Terry Baines, president of Fishermead Residents’ Association, said: “We don’t know what will happen on the estates if they get rid of Rob. He is one of the only people we can turn to and we are disgusted with the council’s decision.

“It won’t save money, it will cost more in the long run as others will foot the bill. We have a transient population in Fishermead and often that’s why furniture ends up on the street as people don’t take it. Rob is so customer focused, I hope he is taken on by someone else. He has worked to the point of making it pleasurable and safe to live here.”

Councillor Cec Tallack, said: “We hope in the next year we can get people to make representations in favour of keeping this service as it undoubtedly has a strong case because of its effectiveness.”