WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Horse left paralysed after ‘brutal’ attack in Milton Keynes

Domino before the attack
Domino before the attack

Heartbroken residents across MK have rallied together to raise money for a horse who was ‘brutally’ slashed with a knife.

In the vicious attack, 13-year-old Domino, was cut with a ‘large’ knife in his paddock near Woughton on the Green.

Domino, a trotter cross, has lived in Milton Keynes for seven year and shares his paddock with three other horses.

The horse was violently attacked by what is believed to be more than one person between 5pm and 8.30pm on May 6.

Writing on social media, Domino’s owner Tracey said: “He was attacked and had part of his face and shoulder removed and he was stabbed in the rear.

“He lost a lot of blood and will be critical for the next three days.”

Tracey’s friend Ian added: “The attack was more brutal than first thought and the vets think a chisel type hammer was used as well as a knife.

“Domino totally trusts humans and is the most loving gentle of horses.

“This attack will leave him permanently disfigured and there’s a chance he will be paralysed due to nerve damage.

“He had four hours of surgery when admitted to the vets who did an amazing job.

“Hopefully they have got all the broken bone fragments out. 
“The next few days are critical but he has some movement in his bottom lip and has been able to eat so is doing as well as could be hoped.”

The Citizen is awaiting more information from Thames Valley Police.

An anonymous donor has offered a £2,000 reward for information that leads to the conviction of the person(s) responsible for this brutal attack.

If you have any information regarding the attack, which happened between Pear Tree Bridge and Woughton on the Green, contact the police on 101.

To donate towards Domino’s vet bills, visit: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/DominoRecovery