WARNING - GRAPHIC PICTURE: Pet sheep mauled to death by dog

BEFORE: Herd of sheep on their first day at Edgewick Farm
BEFORE: Herd of sheep on their first day at Edgewick Farm

A pet sheep was mauled to death by a dog that was able to slip through a hole in the fence onto council farmland.

Locals have been left “horrified” by this morning’s savage attack, which happened just three days after a 40-strong flock was brought to Edgewick Farm to graze.

Pet sheep mauled to death by dog

Pet sheep mauled to death by dog

Val Russell, a volunteer who maintains the farm owned by Woburn Sands Town Council, is warning owners to keep control of their dogs following the gruesome discovery.

She said: “I can’t believe this has happened. The gate is padlocked with notices everywhere to say that the area is being used for grazing and asking owners to keep their dogs on a leash.

“It’s important to remember that however peaceful and friendly your dog may seem, it can do horrible things if it is not kept on a lead when it is close to livestock.”

The sheep, which were being loaned out by a farmer in Bow Brickhill, are due to be removed from Edgewick Farm imminently after fears something similar could happen again.

But the Mayor of Woburn Sands, Councillor Ian Macleod, has described it as a “one-off, unfortunate accident”.

He said: “The dog owner called me quite concerned that this had happened.

“I understand the owner kept sheep because she likes them. So it’s not like the sheep was used for commercial purposes.

“It is not as critical, albeit a dead sheep is still a dead sheep.

“It has just been a one-off. An unfortunate accident.”

The dog owner contacted the council to alert them to the incident. His mother, who had taken the dog on its morning walk, is said to be “shaken up”.

Mr Macleod added: “The dog got a good telling off. The owner will obviously be keeping it on the leash from now on. “Having had a dog myself I known that one of life’s pleasures is to go out into the open countryside and let the dog off its leash.”

He continued: “The area is not a commercial enterprise which is patrolled daily to see if there are holes in fences, or anything like that. It is an amenity for the people of Woburn Sands.

“We will make sure the hole in the fence is repaired as soon as possible.”