Warning to Milton Keynes businesses about the dangers of cybercrime

Businesses in Milton Keynes will be warned of the dangers of cybercrime '“ including the perils of impersonation fraud '“ at an event later this month.

Tuesday, 14th March 2017, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:43 am

Impersonation fraud is a massive issue where finance departments are sent what looks like a genuine email from the head of the company instructing them to pay an invoice immediately.

Criminals are able to find – or guess – relevant emails from websites and social media and when the boss is away they send emails purporting to come from them, asking for payments to be made immediately. Amazingly, UK businesses have lost more than £3.2million through impersonation fraud.

Police cybercrime expert Sean O’Neil will be passing on his online safety message to business leaders at a breakfast meeting of the Grapevine networking group at Abbey Hill Golf Centre, in Monks Way, on March 23.

Melvyn Page, of Grapevine, said: “Cybercrime poses very modern risks to businesses. It is tempting to say that ‘only fools become victims of cyber criminals’ but there are very plausible techniques that criminals use.

“We are looking forward to Sean’s presentation not only to hear about the risks but to do something about it.”

Sean O’Neil has extensive law enforcement experience having served for 30 years in UK Police service.

For the past three years he undertook a regional loss prevention, security, and investigations manager role for a large ecommerce company. He headed an internal investigation unit, investigating serious & organised crime attacks on the company from supply chain, transportation, internal staff, vendors and customers.

He is now tasked to provide cyber security advice to business; to help prevent cybercrime attacks and bring companies together to learn and tackle cyber enabled crime.

For more information on the event, tickets and of the Grapevine networking group, visit www.grapevine-mk.co.uk