Waste company scoops up £58m from Milton Keynes Council

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The private company paid millions to empty city rubbish bins will pay penalty cash to the community every time it misses a collection.

The news came this week as the council closed the lid on two deals worth a massive £58million to Serco environmental services.

Some £48million of the cash is for the company to 
continue waste collection, 
recycling and street cleansing over the next four years.

Serco has also scooped up a £10million contract to branch out and manage the council’s landscape maintenance.

This service, which includes grass cutting, planting and weed control in parks and open spaces, was previous ly. run in-house by the council.

The new contract will save £25,000 a year, say the 

Officers have included strict clauses in both Serco contracts.
Firstly the company must 
operate a Waste Collection Guarantee (WGC) on behalf of the public. This means it must make an annual donation of £15,000 to support 
“environmental awareness and education” throughout the city.

The cost of any missed bin collections will be added to this donation.

It is not yet known how much Serco will have to pay for each missed bin.

Serco managing 
director Mike Boult this week promised to prioritise the needs of local residents and businesses and deliver 
“exciting” new services

Serco’s giant-size share of the market will also prove good news for smaller companies in Milton Keynes.

Serco will also help teach city schoolchildren about waste and recycling.

> Serco has pledged to build textile banks throughout Milton Keynes to raise cash for the council

People can deposit unwanted clothes and they will be sold off by weight

The purpose-built textile banks will be built through Serco’s supplier LM Barry; all income generated, minus operating costs, will be handed back to the council

Andy Hudson, head of the council’s environmental services, said: “Our experience of working with Serco as our waste collection and street cleansing partner has been extremely positive.”