Wat-er Waste! Milton Keynes residents waste precious water by showering over double the recommended time

Shower power?  Or water waste?
Shower power? Or water waste?

Following a summer of heatwaves, signs of climate change are more apparent than ever.

Experts have been warning us for many years that we need to act now to avoid water shortages in coming years.

Whilst many of us are very conscious of our gas and electricity usage, somehow many of us are much more liberal when it comes to how much water we wash away.

The head of the Environment Agency has suggested that we should all be given personal water targets to prevent damage to wildlife and rivers from future water shortages.

Experts believe that we should be limiting our time in the shower to just four minutes. But many of us spend way longer in the stream.

Soap making supplier experts, Soap Supplier ran a survey of 2,000 Brits to find out how much water we’re really wasting, and found that on average, Brits spend an average of 10 whole minutes under the shower. This is twice what’s been recommended, so it’s time to take notice and change our habits.

This pales into insignificance, however, next to the UK’s biggest water-wasting culprits: people in Scotland. They spend an average of 11.2 minutes under the shower.

Not far behind are those in Northern Ireland, who take an average of 10.7 minutes.

Check out how Milton Keynes compares with the rest of the country: https://soapsupplier.co.uk/brits-waste-water-heatwave/