WATCH: Acrobatic dad and daughter are video stars

An energetic dad and his young daughter who JUMPED their way across the city with Parkour moves have caused a sensation on YouTube.

The acrobatic feats of Ruel DaCosta and eight-year-old Jada making their way to a birthday party have already attracted two million views.

MPMC Paramount Parkour

MPMC Paramount Parkour

The pair have hit the headlines in America and Australia and have even been invited to appear on TV in China.

“We never dreamed it would cause such a stir!” said 32-year-old Ruel, who runs Paramount Parkour at Kingston gymnastics centre.

The video shows him and Jada leaping, climbing and running from their Shenley Brook End home, across Fishermead, past Teardrop Lakes and through the city centre – where Jada does a “leap of faith” into her dad’s arms from the steps behind MK Gallery.

“People love it,” said Ruel.

Parkour, or freerunning, became a sport in the 1980s. People use military-style moves to get over obstacles.

Two million people have watched the video. It has prompted worldwide interested and Ruel and Jada are off to China at the end of the month to appear in a television show