Water safety warnings to people in Milton Keynes


As schools break up for the summer holiday, and weather forecasters predict an imminent heatwave, the Safer MK Partnership is warning people to stay safe.

They have been spreading the word that people should not be tempted to swim in lakes, ponds, canals and rivers to cool down when the weather heats up.

Community Rangers from The Parks Trust recently attended Mysay MK, a young people’s conference, to talk about the dangers of swimming in lakes and rivers.

The Trust’s Environmental Education Team, which works with nearly 6,000 children every year, has incorporated water safety messages into its outdoor education sessions.

During the holidays, children will be able to play a water safety game with Community Rangers at Parkland Play events being held at Simpson, Brooklands and Old Farm Park and at Milton Keynes Safety Centre’s 20th anniversary open day.

Posters will also be sent to water side pubs and will be displayed on noticeboards around the city.

Dawn Morland, Leading Community Ranger at The Parks Trust, said: “We have a very clear message - if you want to go swimming please go to a swimming pool, don’t put yourself or your friends in danger by swimming in a lake, pond, river or canal.

“Milton Keynes has plenty of excellent swimming pools and these provide the cleanest and safest environment for swimming.”

Every year the Safer MK Partnership which includes The Parks Trust, Bucks Fire & Rescue, Thames Valley Police and Milton Keynes Council appeals for people to be sensible near open water and remember that:

• The majority of accidental drownings happen at weekends between April and August.

• You can drown in just a few centimetres of water.

• If you fall or jump into the water, the cold will shock your body, making your muscles seize up so you can’t move.

• You could easily cut yourself on rubbish or rocks and you may become ill due to bacteria in the water.