We are proud to be bargain town

Queensway, Bletchley
Queensway, Bletchley

THE town that is the self-confessed ‘bargain basement’ of the city has vowed to keep fighting – despite the threatened closure of one of its popular stores.

Bletchley’s Queensway faces losing Peacocks, part of the national clothing chain that this month went into administration.

This could be “a further nail in the coffin” for the town, says Labour’s parliamentary spokesman Andrew Pakes.

“The closure of another shop is bad news for Bletchley, which is already being hit hard by job losses. The Government is directly to blame for taking demand out of the economy,” he said.

But Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council refuses to be downhearted.

Clerk Lisa Courtney said: “It will be sad if Peacocks closes. It is a very popular store.

“But Bletchley still has a lot to offer. We have given up hope of ever attracting the posher shops and we’re happy settling into our role as a bargain basement town.

“If people want a bargain they come to Bletchley, park for free and enjoy our shops,” she said.

Already Bletchley boasts discount stores such as Home Bargains, PoundStretcher, Poundland and Rock Bottom.

There is also hope this month that a retailer is interested in the old Co-op building, which has been empty for several years.

“All we know is that a retailer is in discussion with the Co-op, We don’t know who,” said Lisa

“If it’s another discount shop, that’s great. We’re proud of our bargains in Bletchley.”