‘We’ll miss our local’ - reaction to Swan Inn fire

Aftermath of a fire at the Swan Inn, Broughton Road, Milton Keynes Village.
Aftermath of a fire at the Swan Inn, Broughton Road, Milton Keynes Village.

PUNTERS have expressed their disappointment after one of the city’s favourite pubs burnt to the ground last night.

The 13th century Swan Inn was swept aside after a single spark set its thatched roof on fire.

Only the new extension remains of the popular pub this morning.

The Citizen’s social networking sites have been filled with comments from people saying how sad the loss of the pub has been.

But there is some good news with owners Charles Wells eager to get it up and running again as soon as possible.

Here are some of your comments posted on our website, Twitter site and on YouTube, where you can see a video taken by Citizen reader Mohammad Kamran Hussain.


TheRandommegs: This is so sad! I’m from Australia and my sister spent her first ever white Christmas working in the Swan Inn last year. My whole family have heard the fond memories and are devastated for everyone

Hopkinsstudiofilms: Living on Hopkins Close I was so sad to see it when i came home, just a single spark to destroy our lovely village pub. :( 

mkandy81: Really gutted about this, please rebuild it just as it was :(

MrAliWilson: I was here only 2 nights ago on a spur-of-the-moment visit! I was shocked when I heard and it’s tragic to see a building of such historic significance face this end. Seriously gutted about this :(

Toadhall22: It is a terrible shame. I hope no one was hurt that is the main thing and that the owners do not just let it go that it is rebuilt it will be worth it. My condolences to the owners and all who worked there. So So Sad!!!!!

fletcher2105mk: My local is gone - So so sad

mac6away: So sad :o(

syrusdavirus08: such a shame , nice pub that too !! hopefully the insurance will cover for the place to be re-built !! ;(

ciallkennett: Very sad footage :( Such an iconic pub pretty much destroyed due to one small spark, just after a massive investment and extension too :( My thoughts to the owners at this time - they must be distraught :(

hillbeckjohnbonnie: It’s so sad. Such an old building, and right at the centre of our village. 800 years of history come to an end :-(


@JimmelD: gutted. Is/was a really nice pub

@bradphoria: Unreal. And very sad

@ianjmitchell: My local pub. I can’t believe it

@0402steven: Really nice place for a meal, shame :-/

@ExoticSabrina: This is terrible news hope they manage to save it

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jackyjnr123: This is the oldest pub in Milton Keynes and I’ve spent some very happy times with my family here as I live in Middleton, Well said adammark totally agree its places like’The Swan’ and ‘Ye Olde Swan’ that serve some of the nicest food in MK.

eyewest: It is sad that the Swan burnt down. It’s (was) a great venue with superb food.

adammark: This pub is a 13th century building and many people from many generations have spent very happy times there. I for one would much prefer to eat here, where the food is good and the surroundings traditional, rather than the monstrosities scattered over the city of milton keynes where the food is mainly inedible.