‘We will not shy away from difficult questions’: Council chiefs in Twitter Q&A

Councillor Pete Marland and MKC chief executive Carole Mills
Councillor Pete Marland and MKC chief executive Carole Mills

Council chiefs will be put on the spot during a live Twitter Q&A session later this month.

For one whole hour, chief executive Carole Mills and council leader Peter Marland will be answering tough questions from the public in a bid to become more “accessible”.

Ask Milton Keynes Council

Ask Milton Keynes Council

“We are a cooperative council and that means that it is vital for us to engage with the people of Milton Keynes,” said Councillor Marland.

“We will not shy away from difficult questions including those about what these financially tough times will mean for MK as we work through a difficult budget round.

“We do genuinely care about what the people of Milton Keynes have to say and I look forward to reading and answering the questions.”

Questions can be submitted beforehand to communications@milton-keynes.gov.uk along with the questioner’s Twitter handle - but everyone can tweet live during the hour using the hashtag #AskMKC

Ms Mills said: “This is a great opportunity for us.

“We want to be accessible to the people of Milton Keynes, understand what citizens think and give fair, honest answers to their questions.

“We will not be hiding behind the council’s communications team; it will be us reading the questions, providing the answers and typing the responses.”

Join the debate on September 17 between 2.15pm and 3.15pm.