We will remember them in Milton Keynes

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Thousands of people across Milton Keynes turned out for Remembrance Day services on Sunday, before Armistice Day was marked at the city’s new MK Rose monument.

The controversial MK Rose memorial hosted an Armistice Day event for the first time on Monday, having been officially launched in a ceremony two days earlier.

MP for Milton Keynes North, Mark Lancaster, said: “I was delighted to be in attendance and to listen to a number of contributions from members of our community.

“This iconic monument will no doubt act as a useful reminder of important days to commemorate within our community.”

The project, in Campbell Park, was built to celebrate and commemorate events in history, and provide an area for personal reflections.

The MK Rose has proved controversial since its first pillars were announced at the start of the year. They include Toddle Waddle Day, Skipping Day and Tea Bag Day.